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SuccessesDT delivers six core services ultimately designed to improve government services, our community and the lives of the City's customers - individuals and organizations who live, work, and/or visit our community, physically and virtually through the Internet.

DT measures its success by the positive impact it has on others. This department also helps City managers enhance the level of service they provide to the public, helps increase the productivity of their departments, and improves the quality of life for those we serve. In sum, DT builds the technology to serve the public. This page highlights only a few of this department's many accomplishments.

  • Cablecast 1,145 hours of live meetings on SFGTV;
  • Provided technology training to over 4,500 students;
  • Maintained 48,000 feet of public safety wire;
  • Maintained 15,000 radio and wireless devices;
  • Managed Telecom Infrastructure for 800 locations in northern California;
  • Maintained 24/7 operations in the City's three large data centers;
  • Processed 100 million mainframe transactions;

and much, much more ...

Last updated: 3/1/2016 3:16:22 PM