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The Process

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San Francisco's public access channels face at least two major challenges over the next 12-18 months. First, the current channel operating agreement will terminate on June 30, 2009. Second, the channels face the loss of operating funding under new state video franchise laws.

DTIS has established the following process to address these issues:

  1. Information-Gathering Phase (June 26-August 15, 2008)
    " Review history of Access SF performance and metrics to identify trends
    " Issue RFI/C and distribute to AccesSF community, local nonprofit and commercial video/film industry leaders, educational institutions and other interested parties
    " Conduct online survey with current and former public access viewers, producers and training workshop attendees
    " Conduct one or two public meetings to solicit comments
    " Post all responses on web
  2. Review Phase (August 15 – October 15, 2008)
    " Review RFI/C and workshop responses and develop a summary report
    " Based on these recommendations, prepare a RFP/RFGP or other competitive process to select partner(s) to operate the channels
  3. Competitive Award Phase (January 23 – March 31, 2009)
    " Issue the RFP/RFPG, evaluate responses and select partner(s) to operate the channels
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