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O365 Email Project

O365 Email Project

The O365 Email website provides access to lots of information about this critical project including project status updates, reference docs and training material.

Project Information

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Project Progress

email migration: 90% completed

About O365

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft's hosted service providing email, calendaring, contact storage, and task management in the Cloud. It runs at a certified* Microsoft data center within the United States. Users access their email account from either the Outlook desktop client or via the internet using Outlook Web App (OWA). Each account gets 50 GB of email storage and 100 GB of archive storage. * certified ISO27001, FISMA and SAS 70.


Why Office 365?

In February 2009, the Committee on Information Technology (COIT), decided to move the City from the multiple instances of on-premises Lotus Notes and MS Exchange to a single email system. COIT selected Microsoft’s Office 365 (O365) hosted Exchange email solution as the best option in terms of cost, security, and operational integrity and robustness. It also positions all City departments to be able to take advantage of the rich offering of products in the marketplace that are integrated with MS Exchange. The project’s goal is the orderly migration of all 28,000+ City email accounts and their associated calendars and contacts from the various on-premises instances of Lotus Notes and MS Exchange to a single instance of Microsoft’s hosted O365 solution. The scope includes the migration of all licensed email accounts for all City departments. The solution will also provide remote access to email from Internet-connected devices, and continued connectivity to email for the smart devices in use by City workers (i.e. Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices). Additionally O365 provides high-availability, redundant data centers for business continuity and disaster recovery.


How to Login


Things to do Before Migration


Things to do After Migration

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What is Office 365?

Office 365 (O365) is a cloud-based service from Microsoft. CCSF licensed the version that provides users with email, calendaring, contact storage, and task management. Each account gets 50GB of email storage and 100 GB of archive storage.

How will I know when my account will be migrated?

You’ll receive an email 3 weeks before your account is scheduled to migrate to Office 365

How do I access O365 on my Windows or Mac computer?

You can access O365 through the Outlook Web App (OWA) with an Internet browser, or using the Outlook Windows or Mac client (your department will let you know if your primary email access with be OWA or the Outlook client.)

What browsers are fully supported and tested to access e-mail on O365?

  • Internet Explorer 8 or above (the latest version of IE gives the best user experience)
  • Latest Firefox “Release” version
  • Safari 5 or above
  • Latest Chrome “Stable” version

Why is my OWA client automatically logged out after 27 minutes of inactivity?

Some of the City departments are required to comply with the federal HIPAA and CJIS regulations that safeguard individual medical and legal data. The automatic logout is one of the ways we ensure those departments satisfy the regulations. If you find your OWA session logged out you should click your Internet browser’s refresh button, or press F5 on your keyboard. This will refresh the login screen and prevent you from needing to enter your password twice.

Will all my old mail transfer to O365?

Yes, all of your old mail transfers to O365. The email migration project team will work with your department’s management team and IT staff to determine the best migration method. In some cases we transfer all old mail to O365 before the cut-over, and in others we transfer the most recent 180 days of mail to O365, with the older mail transferring in the days following the cut-over. With either method all of your old email is transferred to O365.

Can I automatically forward all my email from O365 to another email provider e.g. Yahoo, GMail?

No. In order to safeguard security and privacy CCSF has chosen to disable the ability for auto forwarding of email to other systems.

Can I automatically forward all email from another provider to Office 365?

Most likely. Each email provider has their own documentation on how to forward email from their system to another email system. Refer to the providers instructions on how to auto forward email.

Are my old emails deleted from the old email system after they are migrated to O365?

No, the migration process only transfers a copy of your old email to O365.

How long will my old email be available in the old E-mail system?

Your department’s management and IT team will determine how long old emails will be available in the old E-mail system. They will communicate this to all users prior to retiring the old email system.

Does O365 provide anti-spam protection?

Yes. O365 has its own robust anti-spam mail filters and virus protection. Messages sent to your O365 email account are automatically scanned and filtered. Any messages detected as junk mail will be placed in your “Junk E-Mail” folder. It is important to periodically check your Junk E-Mail folder to avoid missing a real message mistakenly marked as spam.

Why don’t I see the Options for Lync, Sharepoint, and Office Desktop Apps in O365?

Currently CCSF has not licensed those additional Office 365 features. CCSF is currently in discussions with Microsoft to make those features available to those departments that would like to purchase them.

I recently migrated to O365 and I don’t see all of my old email?

Please contact the email migration support team by calling 415-581-7108, or emailing, and they will help you get all of your old email transferred to O365.

Where can I change my account password?

You can change your password from OWA by clicking: Options > Account > Change your password.

Can I use my Smartphone or tablet with O365?

Yes, most smartphones and tablets can be configured to integrate with O365. O365 supports a variety of mobile devices including Windows, Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. Options vary for phones depending on the brand, model, and operating system. Some specific older models may not be supported because they do not comply with CCSF’s security and encryption requirements. Each CCSF department defines its own mobile device policies for accessing O365. Check with your department’s IT group to learn about its policies for mobile devices.

How do I Set-up an Out Of Office Greeting in O365 (Automatic Replies)?

Click the Options button and select the Set Automatic Replies button. Click the Send automatic replies option and complete the time period and message fields as necessary. Click Save.

How do I Set-up an email Signature?

In the program window, click the Options button and select See All Options. Click the Settings tab and create the signature in the E-Mail Signature section of the Mail settings. If you wish, click the Automatically include my signature on messages I send check box.

How do I turn off Conversation Mode?

Conversation Mode is the feature in Outlook that groups together all messages with the same subject line. (i.e. all replies and forwards stemming from the original message are grouped together in your inbox for convenience.) This feature is set to On by default in Outlook. To turn off Conversation Mode click on the Conversations by Date link (located under the Search box). From the pop-up menu select Conversation. Repeat these instructions to turn Conversation Mode back on.

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Migration Schedule

This chart shows the migration schedule for the departments remaining to migrate. Departments shown in blue are complete, green are scheduled, red are unscheduled.

Department Migration Schedule - 101014

Migration Schedule (pdf)

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Contact Us

If you have questions or need more information you may contact the Department of Technology Office 365 project team:

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