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San Francisco Launches Pilot Network for the Internet of Things

City positions itself to be leading “smart city” with largest Internet of Things network in the U.S.

Posted Date: 10/24/15

San Francisco, CA – The Department of Technology (DT) in collaboration with The Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation (MOCI), San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) and other critical leadership to launch the largest Internet of Things (IoT) pilot network in the U.S. with network provider, SIGFOX.

The network will connect the everyday objects of our lives to the Internet through which they can exchange information, or “talk” to each other. It presents opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups and city departments to explore services and products that meet customer or constituent needs.

San Francisco will be the largest network in the U.S. provided by SIGFOX. In exchange for providing network access to the City, SIGFOX has received access to City property to mount the antennas. The Department of Technology is installing the antennas across the city at SFPL locations while SIGFOX will maintain the network.

"The Internet of Things can bring new opportunities to San Francisco – the Innovation Capital of the World," said Mayor Ed Lee. “Creating a network of this kind, the City will be able to attract new startup companies, strengthen existing businesses and provide more jobs, economic growth and continuing prosperity for our residents. I’m excited that the Internet of Things network will help the City deliver more efficient services for residents and opportunities for innovation for entrepreneurs.”

Miguel A. Gamiño Jr, San Francisco’s Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of the Department of Technology views this program as an extension of a broader vision to create a hyper-connected city that started in 2013 with #SFWiFi, a free municipal wireless service managed by the department and currently available on the Market Street commercial corridor, all SFPL locations, and in 33 public parks and spaces.

“The next wave in technology innovation in San Francisco will likely be the Internet of Things,” said Mr. Gamiño. “This new network reinforces San Francisco’s commitment to attracting startups and established companies in the emerging IoT space. It also allows the City to offer residents innovative new services and positions San Francisco as the leading smart city in the U.S.”

SIGFOX has already established networks across Europe and is launching a network in 10 U.S. cities starting with San Francisco.

“If the last 10 years of technology development were about making it easier for companies and people to exchange information with one another – Google, Skype, Dropbox, and so on – the next 10 years will be about making it possible, cost effective and easy for the unconnected physical world to transmit data to the Internet,” said Allen Proithis, President of SIGFOX North America.

Jay Nath, the city’s Chief Innovation Officer added “SIGFOX presented a very timely opportunity for San Francisco as almost every industry sector is being touched by the Internet of Things.”

SFPL provided space at their locations to be part of this program as they see potential for use cases in their respective departments.

“We are constantly looking for ways to engage with and provide library users with innovative services that foster broader community connections,” said San Francisco City Librarian, Luis Herrera.

We see great opportunities to use the network to improve real time understanding of facility operations, which will drive down our costs and increase efficiency,” said John Updike, City of San Francisco Director of Real Estate.

The City and County of San Francisco Department of Technology is an enterprise information and technology services organization that provides proactive leadership in the use of technology and information solutions to improve the City's operations and service delivery. Miguel A. Gamiño Jr, is Executive Director of the department and Chief Information Officer for the City of San Francisco.

SIGFOX is the world’s leading provider of dedicated connectivity for Internet of Things. The company’s network complements existing high-bandwidth systems by providing simple, economical, energy-efficient two-way transmission of small quantities of data over long distances, thus lowering barriers to wide implementation of IoT solutions, and greatly extending the battery and service life of connected devices. Currently deployed or being rolled-out in the U.S. and 10 European countries and registering over 5 million devices in its network, SIGFOX is today the only IoT-dedicated connectivity solution commercially available that guarantees a high level of service and reliability on an international scale. Corporate headquarters are in France, and the company has offices in Boston, Dubai, Madrid and San Francisco.
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