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The purpose of the Economic Indicators scorecard is to provide the public, elected officials, and City staff with a current snapshot of San Francisco’s economy. This scorecard presents timely information on economy-wide employment indicators, real estate and tourism.

The Economy-wide summary provides a monthly view of Metro Division (MD) jobs and employment. The San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco MD is comprised of San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

The interactive chart below presents monthly figures for Total Employment MD, Temporary Employment MD, Total Unemployed and Unemployment rate, as well as annual percent change for the selected indicator.

SF Labor Market Conditions

Total Employment MD in October 2015 increased .7 percent since the prior period, September 2015, and by 4.6 percent since the same period of the prior year, October 2014. Temporary Employment MD increased by 3.3 percent since September 2015 and by 3.6 percent since October 2014. Total Unemployed increased by 11.1 percent since September 2015 but decreased by 13 percent October 2014. The unemployment rate increased by .3 percentage points since September 2015 yet decreased by .9 percentage points since October 2014. Note that the month-to-month percent change uses seasonally adjusted data.

The chart below provides a monthly view of MD and County-level employment by major industry sector and annual percent change in employment for each sector.

Employment by Sector

Annual Percent Change in Employment by Sector


  • Data for SF County Employment lags six to nine months behind the latest available MD data.
  • Beginning in January 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reclassified certain types of employment, which accounts for the large drop in Other Services and the large increase in Education and Health Services in the county-level employment data from this point onward.
  • Beginning in January 2015, Marin County has been shifted to its own metropolitan division (San Rafael MD) and is now excluded from the newly named San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco MD (includes only San Francisco and San Mateo counties).


All employment and jobs data comes from California Employment Development Department.


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