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Residential Real Estate

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The purpose of the Economic Indicators scorecard is to provide the public, elected officials, and City staff with a current snapshot of San Francisco’s economy. This scorecard presents timely information on economy-wide employment indicators, real estate and tourism.

The Residential Real Estate summary provides a monthly view of two primary residential real estate indicators, home values and residential asking rent. The first chart shows Zillow home price index and annual percent change for this indicator, and the second chart shows residential asking rent. The last chart presents the number of units in buildings with new permits.

San Francisco Home Value was $1.12m in October 2015

San Francisco home values in October 2015 increased by 0.6 percent since the prior month, September 2015, and by 15.6 percent since October 2014, the same period of the prior year.

Average Residential Asking Rent was $3,623 in 2015 Q3

Residential asking rent in 2015 Q3 (July 1 – September 30, 2015) increased by 2.6 percent since the prior quarter (April 1 – June 30, 2015) and by 13.2 percent since 2014 Q3, the same period of the prior year. Comparisons to the prior period use seasonally adjusted data.

1,024 Units with New Permits in 2015 Q3


  • Zillow Home Value: Zillow Real Estate Weighted
  • Average Quarterly Rents: Real Facts
  • Number of Units in Buildings with New Permits: United States Department of Housing and Urban Development


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